Jan 26 - 2023

Elon Taking Tesla Private, Trudeau Gets Mobbed By Mouth Breathing Protestors

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We’re back for your WEDNESDAY. It’s not called hump day because people hump on Wednesday. And btw, is “Hump” the worst word to describe sex ever?

Mary Anne joins us from The “Let’s Take This Outside” podcast, Scott from our “Hot Wallet Pod and we have a full day today.

-Scott touches on the Elon “I’m taking Tesla Private for 420 a share trial which might be the nail in the Elon coffin. That’s called insider dealing and the SEC doesn’t like it when people like to defraud investors.

-We’re on the precipice of a recession, Scott dips into the market and talks about the latest CPI report. He’s the least nerdy financial guy I know so you’ll want to pay attention here,

Justin Trudeau visited Hamilton Ontario this week to a chorus of death threats, jeers, American and “Fuck Trudeau Flags” We’ll tell you why Trudeau likes this stuff and what he and Liberals do with the footage of these ginned up religious conservative mouth breathers who beat their kids between protests.

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