Dec 16 - 2023

Ep320 Year In Review Pt1 (12 Guests 86 Minutes) Dec 19 ’23

About the Episode

Our Year In Review podcast (Part 1)! Hear highlights from 12 guests, including:

#ThePayolas singer Paul Hyde, #PearlDrums sponsored drummer Brooke Colucci, #ArrestedDevelopment DJ Dee Wiz, #SaintAsonia singer Adam Gontier

#UFC Heavyweight Caio ‘Bigfoot’ Machado, Canadian #Olympic #curler Emma Miskew, #NPC bikini champion Nicole Cerrini, #VancouverCanadians LHP Adam Macko

#Broadway #Starfield #LowerDecks actress Gabrielle Ruiz, #Comedian Jon Dore, #HollywoodLife Senior Editor Cassie Gill, #DatingCoach Jacqueline Fae

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