Jun 15 - 2024

Ep336 OVER THE YEARS (9 guests 67 mins – June 18 ’24)


About the Episode

Go back OVER THE YEARS this podcast. Nine guests. 67 minutes!


Royal Blood singer Mike Kerr on playing Glastonbury will always be a career highlight

Royal Blood singer Mike Kerr talks about the music he grew up around

Beastie Boys DJ Mix Master Mike shares the story of his first concert

Beastie Boys DJ Mix Master Mike talks about the #SuperPowers he’d want to have

Lights talks about being proud of her #JUNO award win

Lights on the importance of staying young


Retired #BellatorMMA fighter Benson Henderson talks about his first pro fight

Retired #BellatorMMA fighter Benson Henderson shares his first concert story and the roar of the crowd

Former #AEW star Brandi Rhodes talks about being a huge fan of #GameOfThrones

Former #AEW star Brandi Rhodes shares her #CareerHighlight from her time w/ #WWE

Canadian #RaceWalk olympian Evan Dunfee talks about #COVID restriction at the 2020 Tokyo olympics

Canadian #RaceWalk olympian Evan Dunfee shares how he’s 2nd cousins with Joe Thornton


#Voiceover talent Amanda Sellers talks about binge-watching #Survivor and doing the #WestCoastTrail

#Voiceover talent Amanda Sellers shares a scary flipping a car #NearDeath story

The internet’s favourite dad #Brittlestar shares his first concert story

The internet’s favourite dad #Brittlestar reveals he’s not really a #political guy

#Actor David Harewood shares his #CareerHighlights  

#Actor David Harewood tells a swimming in the #Hamptons #NearDeath story

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