Jan 4 - 2022

Episode 81 with Andrew Peters from After the Whistle Podcast

2 Goalies 1 Mic

About the Episode

Duane and Cully are joined by Andrew Peters. The former Sabres forward and current host of the “After the Whistle” podcast doesn’t disappoint as the first guest of 2022. – Career and life after hockey – Remembering his first NHL goal – Life after hockey and the transition from The Instigators to his new hit podcast with Craig Rivet – how he found out about and broke the Jack Eichel trade news – Did he vote for Rivet for Captain? – The Ottawa Brawl – The Anxiety of being an Enforcer in the NHL – Greatest chirper of all-time? Or is it his son? – His thoughts on the Sabres and their direction going forward under Don Granato and Kevyn Adams – Funny stories from his career and after hockey Please subscribe! https://linktr.ee/2Goalies1Mic

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