Sep 22 - 2020

Episode 9: What’s Up With Hamilton? (With Lorraine Sommerfeld)

The 905er

About the Episode

Politics is a rough business, but is it ever ok for councillors to insult and belittle members of the public? Lately some councillors in Hamilton appear to be making a habit of behaving towards the public and other council members in ways that – well, let’s just say they lack ‘decorum’.

We’re joined by Hamilton Spectator columnist, National Post auto journalist and onetime city hall volunteer Lorraine Sommerfeld, as we discuss some of the themes from the last few weeks in light of the behaviour we are seeing in Hamilton, and the general problem of how to get citizen voices heard in ways which are respectful and don’t waste anybody’s time.

There are a few sound problems this week, so please bear with us. We’re still learning how to do this.

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