Feb 15 - 2024

Faktcheck.io, Canadians/Tucker Carlson are moving to Russia

The Dean Blundell Show

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Lochlin wants to unbox a gift and has no idea what it is. We “Unboxed” with Loc, and it’s gross…

Tucker Carlson continues his paid propaganda tour of Russia. His latest propaganda video about the cost of living and Russian grocery prices convinced at least one Canadian family of 10 (8 kids) to move to Russia last month.

The family said it was to get away from leftists, gays, and the LGBTQ-accepting society to make sure their kids don’t turn gay. I shit you not.

The Van Feenstras are now penniless after Mother Russia took everything they hand, including their ability to communicate with anyone in Canada…and it gets worse.

The propaganda is working for one reason and one reason only. We explain.

That Canadian family and about 200 million OTHER people will benefit from our new partner and sponsor, www.faktcheck.io

Faktcheck.io is a free tool developed to combat any claim giving the user control. Faktcheck.io will be free to use, and they are looking for Beta testers right now. Sign up at www.faktcheck.io – Do You Believe?

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