Nov 28 - 2023

Fixer Turned Whistleblower David Wallace: Lawsuits, Dark Politics & Never Shutting Up

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

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David Wallace, former “fixer” (think Ray Donovan minus all the murder) for the Conservative party, joins us to talk about political party proxies and how they use the legal system to sue private citizens.

This conversation comes from a lawsuit launched by Canada Proud, the official digital media agent of the Conservative Party of Canada, against Dean and Crier Media.

Last week, Dean and Crier led the charge after hard right Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievere claimed the Niagara car crash was a terror attack and blamed it on the current government. Gaslighting and lying to a nation into fear on national TV.

Friends of Pierre Poilievere and the Conservative Party have sued David into oblivion this year, and he knows all the players and why third-party proxies sue certain journalists and Whistleblowers (that was his old job).

– The purpose of third-party agents of political parties

– What’s at stake for Journalists, private citizens, and Whistleblowers who are threatened into silence by Political proxies for telling the truth

– Why lawsuits are meant to occupy time and resources instead of dealing with truth and consequences of the truth

– Why David believes Canada Proud sued Dean and Crier Media and what he thinks is next in terms of escalation

– How Dean is happy to go through the process respectfully to see who’s telling the truth and who isn’t.

– How a party and its media partner who campaign on absolute Free Speech are quietly suing people for exercising their right to free speech if that Free Speech doesn’t work for them.

**We believe you have a right to see who’s been gaslighting Canadians and want you to have a stake in our efforts to defend Free Speech. We also want you to know how misinformation works and the players’ identities. We plan on defending ourselves, aggressively.

Please consider supporting our GoFundMe so we can get the answers Canadians have been demanding for years.

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