Jan 19 - 2024

Forgotten Hronek, Best Gatorade Flavours, and Petey PSA

About the Episode

Brought to you in concert with THPN and Draft Kings Sportsbook

The Canucks went on an epic road trip and came back atop the NHL. They beat some of the best and put the world on notice.

We get into that and once again talk about the current state of affairs that is being the best.

We briefly discuss the Jake Guentzel rumours and what that means if they go for it.

We talk about how the Canucks only trailed for 53 seconds after they played STL.

Ryan chats about School bus races with Ted and lacrosse fights with kids (no he didn’t fight the kids).

Ted brings up that Filip Hronek might not be getting full credit on this current team and he might already be one of the best Canucks defenseman ever.

We finally drop a PSA on Pettersson’s contract and why you all need to chill out.

Ryan brings the heat for Top 5 this week with…. Best Gatorade Flavours. The show may not exist next week. It got heated.

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