Dec 15 - 2023

Goalie Masks, 10M for Hronek, and the Skate logo secret

About the Episode

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Never ones to shy away from debate, Ryan and Ted really get into what the Canucks are faced with in the next 12 months regarding their soon-to-be free agents.

Is Filip Hronek worth 10 million to the Canucks? Is Brock Boeser? What is Pettersson worth? All this gets the full-court press.

Ryan breaks down how the skate logo will be settled once and for all and how it will change the NHL.

Roberto Luongo is inducted into the Canucks Ring of Honour and the guys reflect on the greatness that came to Vancouver.

In Top 5 this week, we chat about our top 5 goalie masks of all time. Lots of fun and more fun if you watch the Youtube.

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