Dec 19 - 2023

Hamas Santa, Conservtaive Lies, Charles Partied With Frank Sinatra

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Chuck and Dean take on all the dumb shit today.

0-11:00 Radio voices and the time Charles Interviewed Frank Sinatra. That’s right, Chuck partied with “The Chairman.”

AND Englebert Humperdink.

11:00-40:00 Hamas supporters and misguided Palestinian protestors took to the Malls across Toronto this weekend to threaten families and scare the shit out of Mall Santas. Job done.

As immigrants to Canada, Dean and Chuck take the laws of this country very seriously because their parents would have deported them if they threatened Xmas shoppers in a mall.

Why doesn’t Canada follow the rule of law about protests? What happened in the last three years that neutered law enforcement’s ability to arrest people who make death threats while flash mobbing and scaring the shit out of Christmas shoppers? Seriously?

They get into some context about the Charter of Rights and weigh the supportive Hamas protests to the Freedom Convoy and how law enforcement of the Charter seems to be a joke.

40-50:00 – The Big Economic Lie is a problem for Chuck. He wants Canadians to stop buying Conservative messages about the death of Canada’s economy. Comparatively speaking, Canada is in INCREDIBLE financial shape, and Charles explains why you’re being told it is not.

50:00-1:05:00 Michelle Ferreri is a redneck politician in Ottawa who spent A LOT of time complaining about the cost of putting tampons in men’s washrooms for Trans men. And women who might need one. Michelle has been getting dragged for the last four days since she recorded the worst thought-out video in the history of political hillbilly videos.

Why Michelle’s video wasn’t about cost-effective spending and a dog whistle to other hillbillies who hate trans people.

We hope you enjoyed Dean and Chuck cutting through the information life and dog whistling today. Tune in for another Chuck and Dean dual cast next Tuesday, and give us both a follow wherever you download podcasts!!

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