Jun 24 - 2020

Homeschooling, Music Talk and Post Covid Life.

Do Did Will

About the Episode

It’s the last week of school in Canada and my kids return to talk about their homeschooling experience and what might be next for them?

Also, I’m getting a lot of questions about the return of concerts and the music business so I’ll weigh in the best I can here.

Finally, I am also getting a bunch of questions of how my recovery from COVID-19 is going? I’ve tried an inhaler and also just started my journey on CBD to try and help. I thought I’d give you an update. It’s not all good, tune in to find out!

I want to hear your COVID stories for an upcoming podcast. Are you back to work? Are you being forced to work? Are you over it and switching careers? Have you created something new? Reach me on all platforms (Twitter, FB, Insta, TIK TOK) and #brentonontourpodcast



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