Mar 14 - 2024

India BOMBSHELL & Law & Order TO “Crack Mayor” Episode & We Should Have Bought The Dip

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome back!

Scotty McGregor joins us out of the gate to mock Lohlin’s unemployed status with all his new Bitcoin earnings!!!

So Fun!

Scotty gloats over his easy millions while mocking Lochlin’s hatred of BTC even though he still doesn’t understand it.

We discussed the details and trailer of the new Law & Order: Toronto “Crack Smoking Mayor Episode.”

The entire province hates Doug Ford, and this episode is based on Doug Ford’s dead brother, Rob (Toronto’s LONE crack Smoking Mayor), who couldn’t stop smoking crack on video while acting as the Mayor of Canada’s largest city. It was fun.

We also talked about Conor Mcgregor being coked out of his mind at the Premier of “Roadhouse.” The video is wild, and some cocaine residue makes an appearance on his shoulder in this video. It’s not concerning at all.

Lochlin watches hockey naked while he drinks and almost killed himself last night. Dean’s not concerned about Loc’stumble. He’s fascinated by Lochlin’s naked drinking/TV watching.

We finish the show by T-ing up tomorrow’s topic – this new BOMBSHELL Fitfh Estate documentary on India working with Canadian politicians to interfere in Canadian elections, which seems to have culminated in the assassination of at least one Canadian National.

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