Jul 7 - 2022

Inflation/Recession & Advice Week

Professional Insight

About the Episode

Welcome back to Professional Insights episode 6. We’re talking about inflation/recession, is it on the horizon? Also advice week with specific pieces of advice for each of our disciplines.

[0:00] openings, concerts, Canada day, jays game

[7:16] sellers direction and irrevocability amendments and clauses with Jeff Collins and Josh Bond

[25:01] this week in mortgages and inflation, bank of Canada, minimum wage, property tax

[45:17] trades, real estate, custom home building, OSFI, refinancing your home, 65% loan to value, registering collateral

[1:04:00] home equity line of credit, amortization, early termination clauses and penalties

[1:25:00] the potential of a recession, technical recession, hard recessions, cash flow statements

[1:39:00] legislation update with Josh Bond and wiseguyscharity.com

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