Dec 11 - 2023

Joe Rogan Hates Canada, PeePee & India, Canada Proud Lawsuit Update

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We start with Lochlin chirping about Squid Game, the reality show. Dean won’t watch it. Lochlin can’t stop watching it. Please don’t watch it. It sucks.

Joe Rogan went OFF on Canada the other day, calling it a Frozen Commie Shithole. He also said he’s never coming here until we get rid of Trudeau, then cited no examples or reasoning for his opinion. He was HIGH AF and barely made any sense.

His messaging was repeated by every conservative-run third-party agency like True North and Canada Proud because they work with Rogan’s team through some intermediaries in the MAGA/Canada Conservative cult machine. Joe is the mouthpiece for Beta Bro/Maga/Con media machine that includes Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Jack Posobiec, and Elon Musk, to name a few. This bullshit doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

We talk about how it’s possible for a dude who’s never been to Canada, who isn’t censored in Canada, nor will he be, with the lowest inflation rate of all G-7 countries and no RICO act laws, to be a dozen commie shit hole that censors people.

Speaking of shit that doesn’t happen in a vacuum – these third-party agents contracted to political parties had a rough week trying to defend PeePee’s drunk weekend in the House of Commons. Was he drunk when he forced a marathon government voting session? He lost every vote, going 137-0, but got some sweet viral clips after showing up for 2 of the possible 30 hours.

We talk about the head-fake of the century – Shohei Ohtani to the Jays only to join the Dodgers after Robert Herjevec got off Shohei Ohtani’s plane.

We finished with a big old update on Canada Proud’s lawsuit against Dean. It’s not going great over there. LOL

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