Feb 3 - 2020

Juno Award Bonus: The Dean Blundell Show ft BrentOnTour

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to a special episode of the Dean Blundell Show. On today’s episode, we welcome on DeanBlundell.com ’s Brenton Donnelly. Brenton is a showrunner, blogger and host of the BrentonTour Podcast. Breton set up a round table discussion with fellow DeanBlundell.com contributor Todd Hancock to discuss the current state of the music industry. The panel consisted of, Garth Richardson, Doug Fury, Lyle Chausse, Corin Lee, Dave Roberts, J.J Caithcart and Kristina Lau. Brenton and Dean talk about the panel discussion and some of the topics they covered. Topics such as the distribution of music, radio programming, old vs.new music, and where they get their music. To close we discuss the legendary moment when Washboard Union presented Garth Richardson with a Juno live on the show.

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