Apr 5 - 2024

Just start the playoffs already feat. Dan Macholz


About the Episode

THPN and Draft Kings Sportsbook App present: The PP1 Podcast

Dan Macholz joins Ryan this week as Ted is out of town. Always a great time to have Dan on the show and he is coming to join us for the playoff run on the show, it should be a lot of fun.

This week, we get into the proper pronunciation of Bure or BYUR-AY. What team are you on?

We chat about how the powerplay is on life support currently but that there are ways to fix it or at least get it going again.

There is some concern about Elias Pettersson’s production but it just takes a bounce get him going again.

Ryan allows the room to wax poetic about Quinn Hughes and just talking about it gave the guys goosebumps!

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