Jul 23 - 2021

Keeping it 100 w/ Dixon Ward, Ryan Schaap, Rich Abney

About the Episode

Our little show has made it to 100 episodes and that’s a pretty big deal!

We had our good friend Dixon Ward, former Canuck/Sabre/Blue/Canada hockey player, and we chatted the expansion draft with Seattle, the actual NHL draft and a very insane story about Shayne Corson.

Ryan Schaap of Pucks on Net fame dropped by to wish us well and talk about um… stuff.

We closed out the show with our good bud Rich aka RipCity Abney to discuss the Draft and guys that might slip. Apparently Jacob Martin is a name we should keep our eyes on.

All in all, it was a great show and we have to thank Dean Blundell for giving us a home, Summerskates for partnering with us as well as Manta Sleep and Players Choice Sports.


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