Feb 16 - 2024

Kessel Runs, Moving Up Joshua, and Rent Free Bruins

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Is there anything the Canucks can’t do this season? It’s getting tough to find holes in their game but Ted and Ryan try and find them so the team could be the best it’s ever been.

We recap their big win against Detroit, doing the Griddy, the Super Bowl, and apparently, Phil Kessel could be a Canuck?

Phil the Thrill is in town to try out for the Canucks and wouldn’t that be something crazy to see?

Mikheyev has been the topic on Canucks Twitter and is his eventual departure on the horizon? Lots of questions needed answers on this show.

With the rise of Dakota Joshua, Ted discusses moving him up the lineup to see if he can peak on his potential. He tells a story about Ryan Kesler and Alex Burrows and how for a time they were THE 3rd line in the NHL until Alain broke them up and well… the rest was history.

Top 5 this week is Top 5 goats.

This show had a lot of great talking points around your watercooler so make sure you listen to every second.


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