Oct 19 - 2021

Kristin Archer Tells Us What‘s Cool About Hamilton

The 905er

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Cities are made up of more than just buildings and roads.  It’s the people and the entrepreneurs that live and work in them that come together to create something unique.  Each city has its own quality that makes it what it is.  Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver…all of them have a distinct image in your mind.  Part of what makes each city its own is the arts and culture that the city creates.

We wanted to take a look at Hamilton’s music and culture scene this week.  And how it is working to define a changing city into a 21st-century arts hub.  And how that in turn is changing the way Hamiltonians view themselves.  To help us out, we invited Kristin Archer.

Kristin is the creator of the blog I Heart Hamilton where she has documented experiences around her hometown since 2011, growing a local social media presence along the way. Kristin is also the host of the weekly show “I Heart Hamilton” on community radio 93.3 CFMU where she further showcases Hamilton with an emphasis on the local arts & culture scenes. She is a major supporter of the local music scene through promoting local music, booking shows, and DJing.

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Nicholas Paul: sound editing.

The Quadrafonics: fantastic opening and closing tunes!

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