Dec 21 - 2023

Laura Babcock: Maple MAGA, Religious Political BS &Doug Fraud’s Recap

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome Laura Babcock from, The OSHOW to DBS!

Laura is a PR pro who hosts the O(pinion) Show and SLAYS hypocrites and political assholes daily. The Scandal Panel is a must-watch, and Laura came from the same WHACKY religious upbringing Dean did. Two people uniquely qualified to call out religious radicalization with political messaging.

– Growing up with religious parents means we have a PhD in fear porn and gaslighting.

– The fear porn in Political messaging. What’s the purpose, and who benefits from lying about how terrible life is without (INSERT POLITICIANS NAME HERE)

– Who does misinformation benefit, and where does it come from?

– What is the difference between new and traditional media, and who can you trust?

– how to deal with Maple MAGA trolls (Dean and Laura have different opinions.

– Why are fascist talking points mains stream, and if the US farts and Canada can smell it, where do we see those same fascist talking points in Canadian politics (PeePee)?

– Doug Ford’s terrible year and why Laura cried the day Ontarians forced Doug into giving into the demands of an outraged province of 15 million people. Why solidarity among citizens works and how to get to a place of holding politicians responsible…

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