Jan 11 - 2024

Laura Babcock: Rebel “News” isn’t “News” & The Homeless Fix

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

aura Babcock from The O Show is back. She’s the Oprah of Hamilton, and she spits fire when it comes to Media and Homelessness.

We chopped it up about Ezra Levant’s “Rebel News” being a “Schtick Platform.” Think Breitbart meets TMZ for hillbillies. That’s Rebel News. One of their Crisis actors, David Menzies, was arrested for the umpteenth time, and we talk about the simple premise of whether shitholes like Rebel News can be considered news when they admit they are not news?

We talk about the devastating effect bad actors like Rebel News have had on the voting public and the purpose and strategy behind fake news outlets like Rebel, True North, and others who poison the atmosphere with bullshit.

Canada has a homeless population of 200,000 human beings, and we are doing NOTHING about it. Laura helps organize meals for people experiencing homelessness in Hamilton, and she’s right: WE have to do something because the governments in Canada will not. Laura shares a simple story of gratitude learned by serving a homeless amputee dinner. What helping others does for you and how tiny acts of kindness and donating a few hours a week is more of a solution to addressing homelessness than any derelict government program.

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