Mar 2 - 2024

Leveling Up Gaming Journalism: A Conversation with Lukas Eggan

About the Episode

Lukas Eggan, host of the gaming and eSports podcast ‘LAN Parties,’ discusses his new digital gaming magazine called ‘Game On’ in an interview with Marc. The conversation covers various topics related to the gaming industry, including the need for long-form journalism, the challenges of instability and overhiring in game development, the impact on both small and large studios, Microsoft’s strategy and the future of consoles, the role of cloud gaming and internet infrastructure, and the competition among streaming companies. Lucas also shares details about his Kickstarter campaign for ‘Game On’ and emphasizes the aim of providing high-quality journalism from a gamer’s perspective.


00:00 Introduction and Gaming Industry Overview

01:13 The Driving Force Behind Game On Magazine

03:01 Issues in the Gaming Industry

04:18 Instability and Overhiring in Game Development

05:15 Opportunities for Starting Independent Studios

06:14 Factors Contributing to Layoffs in the Industry

07:35 Impact on Both Small and Large Studios

08:14 Microsoft’s Strategy and the Future of Consoles

09:33 The Role of Cloud Gaming and Internet Infrastructure

10:11 Competition Among Streaming Companies

11:33 Evolution of Gaming Graphics and Performance

12:33 Kickstarter Campaign for Game On Magazine

13:09 High-Quality Journalism and Gamer Perspective

13:41 Campaign Timeline and Launch Date

14:07 Closing Remarks and Future Plans


  • The gaming industry is valued at over $200 billion and is in need of more comprehensive coverage and analysis.
  • Game On magazine aims to provide long-form journalism and deep dives into the major issues facing the gaming industry.
  • Instability and overhiring are significant challenges in game development, leading to layoffs and negative impacts on studios.
  • The future of gaming may involve less emphasis on consoles and more focus on cloud gaming and internet infrastructure.

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