Dec 5 - 2023

Lies = Truth in Politics, Michael Geist on Google Payout

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Charles Adler – the Legendary Charles Adler joins us to discuss Truth-telling in a post-truth world: What media ad politicians used to get away with is now commonplace. Charles was part of the political media ecosystem for decades and is a truth-teller. I call him the Truth WOlverine because he kinda looks like one, and he doesn’t sacrifice Truth for Mob Clicks.

In a world where people look at lives as their alternative truth, is there a way to get back to a common baseline of factual reporting or have blogs, podcasts, and paid fake news outlets?

Lies to damage reputation seem to be the theme.

Professor Michael Geist stops in to give us the details of Canada’s Google tax breakthrough and why news outlets are pissed they didn’t get more from Google. Will Meta be next and the latest from his hearing with the CRTC today on Bill C-11. Is the government going to regulate or tax all podcasts

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