Jan 18 - 2024

Lochlin Cross: Stinky People, -50 Sucks, TO’s Toboggan Ban

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We’re back and NOT happy about the weather, urinals, smelly people, and Toronto banning tobogganing.

Dean has a thing against hair and smells. Lochlin leads with a story about the smelliest hairball he knows. If you have a friend who smells, you must listen to Lochlin’s PSA about people who smell. YOU can do something about them.

Lochlin just went through -50 in Alberta, and Dean wants to know what it feels like. Is it a dry cold? LOL.

Toronto banned tobogganing this year because it’s the city that fun forgot. Forty-five hills have “NO TOBOGANNING” signs because the assholes at city hall are scared kids are going to have too much fun!!! We discuss the nanny state and the mandatory tobogganing injuries we all suffered as kids. Make Toboganning Great Again!!!!!

We end with one of Dean’s OTHER things—urinal etiquette. Chuck didn’t want to play around with The Urinal Subject this week. This is in Lochlin’s wheelhouse…

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