Apr 1 - 2024

Maple MAGA’s Easter “War”, Trump Bible’s, Deb’s Caulking

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Hello Monday. Why did you go so hard on Easter this weekend?

#Maga/#MapleMAGA Evangelical Christians lost their Jesus Luvin’ shit this weekend over Easter falling on Trans Visibility day, and people who chose not to recognize the death and resurrection of someone else’s God.

Dean breaks down why Hardcore #MapleMAGA Christians went to war against gay people and secular society over not celebrating the Zombie Christ. He thinks it

It’s funny because they left behind the WWJD bracelets this weekend.

We got into what happens when Lochlin Drinks rye when he runs out of beer, why he likes it when his wife puts up backsplashes while he watches with a beer in his hand, and how to make your marriage last for 30 years (never listen to Lochlin).

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