Nov 23 - 2023

Matt Gurney: Canadian Vs. American Media, Attack Dogging, and Fringe Parties.

The Charles Adler Show

About the Episode

Matt Gurney is a regular contributor to the podcast, he is a journalist based in Toronto and hosts The Daily Edition on SiriusXM every weekday morning. Matt and Charles dive into talks on the rainbow bridge explosion and how it was deemed not be a terrorism attack. They also talk about how that incident really showed how different Canadian and American Media is.

On the same page of the explosion both journalists explore how Pierre Poilievre had a big speech blaming Justin Trudeau for the hatred towards Canada. This prompted a larger talk on how the two large party leaders use attack dogging and dodging to create more issues for the other.

Matt Gurney also expressed how his political views are in the minority as compared to years prior and this shift in even his own political views has adjusted the political landscape in favour of fringe parties like the NDP.

You can find Matt Gurney’s substack here.

Matt’s X (formerly known as twitter) is here.

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