Feb 14 - 2024

Max Fawcett VS Adam O’Brien – BTC, God, Debunking Joe Rogan

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Max Fawcett is back for another VS!!

Adam is a Bitcoin influencer. Max is not a believer in Bitcoin culture.

Adam is a good dude, as is Max, but it was A MAXACRE

. BTC vs Fiat

. Joe Rogan’s Lucky Charms VS Steak myth is a bad example of why you shouldn’t trust Bitcoiners.

. Adam doesn’t have a bank account because he’s not allowed to have one. What does it suggest?

. Max secedes to the IDea BTC tech is cool, but the bros in it that CRUSHED the industry last year are not.

Adam has a publicly traded BTC platform, and he’s a trusted voice in the space. Max is a regulatory advocate, so that was a bit of a fight, too!

This was a PHENOMENAL.

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