Mar 7 - 2024

Navigating Network Outages: A Conversation on Challenges and Solutions

About the Episode

In this episode I speak with Sandeep Panesar, Telecommunications expert. The conversation discusses the recent AT&T outage and explores the challenges and solutions in network backup and restoration. It delves into the potential of satellite technology and artificial intelligence in network management. The importance of cooperation among telecommunication companies and the limitations of satellite communication and bandwidth are also examined. The conversation highlights the impact of software updates on network failures and emphasizes the need for interoperability and consensus in network management.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:48 AT&T Outage and Backup Plans

04:02 Challenges in Network Backup and Restoration

06:13 Satellite Technology and AI in Network Management

09:55 Cooperation Among Telecommunication Companies

11:43 Limitations of Satellite Communication and Bandwidth

13:39 Software Updates and Network Failures

15:29 Interoperability and Consensus in Network Management

16:41 Conclusion and Contact Information


  • Network outages can have significant consequences, especially for emergency services.
  • Backup plans and cooperation among telecommunication companies are crucial in ensuring network resilience.
  • Satellite technology and artificial intelligence can play a role in network management and restoration.
  • Interoperability and consensus are necessary for effective network management and backup solutions.

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