Mar 21 - 2024

Nerds like trains, Filthy goals, and Discipline

About the Episode

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Sure, the Canucks aren’t at the pinnacle of the mountain currently but they’re starting to figure themselves out again. We have things figured out too!

This week, Ryan and Ted get into what is more nerdy: Model trains, comics, or SciFi? Its interesting to say the least and we bully nerdy groups.

On the Canucks front, Ryan concedes that Filip Hronek might need to be the Canucks pick if it comes down to him or a star winger we shall not name here. Ted makes a fair point that deserves to be heard.

We break down the last few options for our cool t-shirt design and of course… TOP 5!

This week is filthiest goals in hockey. Did we miss one that wasn’t on the list?

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