Feb 28 - 2024

Online Harms Bill Deets & “Handi-capable” Dating Shows

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We’re back, and Lochlin wants to get into the Online Harms bill (Canada’s new internet policing bill – we need one).

– 7 areas the online bill covers and areas that might be problematic.

– Leans heavily into protecting kids from any and all manner of online harm including sexual exploitation, bullying, incitement and a few other areas including access and host Duty’s.

This bill comes with big boy jail time and harmonizes canada’s criminal code with tnew “Online Harms” crimes and we like it.

Dean went on a tangent about Maps because his 20 year old son asked him how old people like him “knew where you were going” in the “olden days”.

He also wants to know if he’s a bad person for laughing at uncomfortable moments in love on the spectrum. I mean, there’s a legitimate beef brewing with Love On The Spectrum fans over wether this is heartfelt TV or low key mockery.

Lochlin tests Dean with John Stewarts video from last night’s Daily Show where John paid tribute to “Dipper” the family dog you died recently. If you can make it through this clip without crying, chances are you’re an asshole.


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