Sep 1 - 2021

Ontario Vaccine Mandate Is Here, Lochlin Hates Justin Trudeau, Bondzee Has Vaxx Side Effects And Is Big Mad, & Justin Trudeau Wants Your Dick Pics

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Bondzee got the J&J shot and is having some pretty serious side effect (he thinks) and is also BIG MAD, he explains and Loch and Dean shit on him as per usual Loc hates Justin Trudeau’s guts, and has some very serious opinions on Trudeau’s bid to give the CBC 100 million dollars per year Doug Ford finally came out with the Ontario vaccine mandate, protests have ensued in downtown Toronto at Queens Park, we Caryma Sa’d with boots on the ground and play some of her videos Anti-Vaxxer in BC pisses on a Tim Hortons counter and the video/audio is unreal. Justin Trudeau wants your dick pics. 


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