Mar 15 - 2024

Our Kate Middleton Era feat. Ryan Schaap

About the Episode

A presentation of THPN (Hockey Podcast Network) and Draft Kings Sportsbook App.

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This week we were joined by Canucks podcast royalty: Ryan Schaap of Pucks on Net. From the murals in Abbotsford to long drives from Vancouver, orthodox baseball leagues, and even Kate Middelton; we hit all the big topics.

The Canucks made it through the trade deadline with zero new acquisitions but is the team that’s in place already “playoff ready”?

We bring up Ilya Mikheyev and how Ted, this time, is right!

Speaking of Ted, he’s in charge of Top 5 this week and it’s a real pest! (HINT HINT).

What a fun show! It was so good Schaap spit his drink out multiple times.

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