Jan 4 - 2024

PeePee rides lighting, Mocking SZN, Dean’s done helping

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Lochlin is here to help Dean mock the latest in the Canadian politics sewer.

Pierre Poilievre has been missing for two weeks, but his digital team kicked it into high gear with one of the weirdest speeches ever.

The leading candidate for PM, Pierre Poilievre, thinks:

– Electricians catch lightning and put that energy into copper wires.

– “Brainy” people and “Experts” are dumber than the average person, and ordinary people with no education shouldn’t listen to experts, doctors, ETC. Ever.

– Dean wants to know when we get to stop taking these dickheads seriously. Lochlin tries to both sides of the issue because he’s from Alberta.

After dusting a few podcasters, we also dove into how it might be time to contract at Crier Media and how hard it is working with weird media people

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