Dec 28 - 2023

PeePee’s War On Christmas, Radio Names

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Chuck and Dean are BACK with a post-Christmas discussion on Pierre Poilievre’s fake “War On Christmas.”

Conservatives want you to think Muslims are coming for your Christmas greetings! Not so fast.

Chuck is a traditionalist, and Dean is not.

Can Chuck get behind Dean’s Economical Christmas Greeting Hack of “Happy Holidays?”

Has anyone ever been confronted by someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas in real life or on Twitter? Probably not, but certain political institutions want you to think Canada is banning “Merry Christmas” from our holiday greetings. We’re not. We explain who started this war on “Merry Christmas” with some truth bombs from Chuck, who knows “The War On Christmas” is good for conservative business and donations”:

We talked about radio names. You see, old-school radio people were forced to take different names. Charles Alder isn’t Charles Adler, and he blew Dean’s mind!

Dean, in turn, shares his first fake Radio name, which still gives him seizures.

Enjoy this titillating Dualcast with two people who agree to disagree. After all, it’s Christmas!!a

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