Sep 30 - 2021

PreSzn shootouts, Google search history, and Danger Poolman

About the Episode

We welcome you back to the PP1 Podcast which is proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Summerskates. 

Ryan Hank, Ted Wong and the absent Brady Ursel make up the famed show and it was another douzy.

The NHL preseason is underway and the Canucks had a few games to finally speak about.

We get into the contracts of Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes and how they might get finalized if the money from Travis Hamonic becomes available.

There is a heaty discussion about the incident in the Ukrainian hockey league that has made the news and we tell everyone to chill out on preseason predictions.

There is a new segment “What’s more danger?” and we discuss what toppings might taste good on a pizza.

Tons to dive into and as always, give us a like and follow our socials.

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