Jan 18 - 2023

Project Arrow, Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, Donald Trump Jr Snorted All The Cocaine

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to another TUESDAY!!!!

Big News! Thanks to a minor Canadian Miracle, Canada is in the EV car manufacturing game. We’ll introduce you to the man whose vision brought together the greatest collaborative automotive engineering feat Flavio Volpe from APMA’s #ProjectARROW.

-Concept car or Prototype?

– Scope of the collaboration was insane

– the Timeline for #ProjectARROW is Bananaland, btw.

– Project Arrow stats and strat plan for manufacturing…

Last weekend, the anti-vax, evangelical Christian community, And Joe Rogan simps lined up to sewer Neuroscientist/Philosopher Sam Harris who had the gall to suggest anti-vax dickbags would have lined up for vaccines if COVID targeted kids or caused boils and lesions to grow on our faces. Dean and James decamp the reaction and explain Sam’s words slowly so some of you fucking idiots can play along.

Speaking of fucking idiots, #JoeRogan and disgraced former Dr. BretWeinstein. are being sued by a doctor for mocking her for 11 minutes over one of her tweets. It turns out it’s not only not her tweet; the tweet is fake, and Joe Rogan Apologized, which is plan b ALWAYS.

Ask yourself this question: Will you continue to follow medical advice from a guy who can’t read dates on tweets or never verifies information? Seriously?

Oh, And Don Trump Junior just snorted ALL the coke. I have Video Proof.

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