Mar 5 - 2024

Pushing the Limits of Mobile Gaming: A Discussion with Marc and Zachary Aflalo

About the Episode

In this conversation, Marc and Zachary Aflalo discuss the gaming capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the future of gaming on mobile devices. They explore topics such as the Snapdragon chip’s performance, emulating Nintendo Switch games, cloud gaming, and the optimal frame rate for gaming. They also discuss the potential for mobile gaming to surpass PC gaming and the approach of companies like Apple and Nintendo to gaming. The conversation concludes with a discussion on emulation and legal issues surrounding game streaming.


  • The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra offers impressive gaming performance, with smooth gameplay and high-quality graphics.
  • Emulating Nintendo Switch games on the S24 Ultra provides a good experience, with most games running at their native frame rate.
  • Cloud gaming services like GeForce Now offer a convenient way to play games on mobile devices, but there can be limitations in terms of frame rate and resolution.
  • While mobile gaming has the potential to become more practical and popular, PC gaming still offers greater customization and performance.
  • Companies like Apple and Nintendo have different approaches to gaming, with Apple focusing on optimizing their devices for gaming and Nintendo being more protective of their intellectual property.
  • Emulation and legal issues surrounding game streaming continue to be a topic of debate and concern.


00:00 Introduction and Overview of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

01:17 Gaming Performance and Snapdragon Chip

03:23 Cloud Gaming and Frame Rate

05:24 PC Gaming vs. Cloud Gaming

07:31 Mobile Gaming and iPhone

09:08 Optimal Frame Rate for Gaming

09:56 Future of Consoles and Streaming Platforms

10:17 Nintendo’s Approach to Gaming

11:22 Emulation and Legal Issues

12:14 Conclusion and Invitation to Return

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