Sep 16 - 2023

Ranking Provinces, Mike Babcock Is Still A Douche Bag, Women Don’t Date Men Who Listen To Joe Rogan

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

HELLO! Welcome back to DEAN and LOC and YOU!

We have a few things to air out today!

1. Dean just returned from a trip out west (Vancouver and Calgary). He was SHOCKED at the level of kindness in Western Canada. Eastern Canada is a VERY different place. We explain and rank best to worst. Sask will for sure be the fucking worst.

2. Former Maple Leaf coach Mike Babcock might get fired before he gets to coach a single game for the CBJ. Babs has a legendary asshole streak, and apparently, he’s been snooping through his player’s cell phones, and the cover-up of”BABCOCK-Gate is on!!

3. A new study about women says they don’t date guys who listen to the Joe Rogan Podcast. It’s pretty accurate.

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