Jan 31 - 2023

Real Perriard – Endurance Athlete and CSM President

Let's Take This Outside

About the Episode

Real is an Ottawa based outdoor and endurance enthusiast. He has participated in the Canadian Ski Marathon since 1991 – taking part every year because it’s an event that means so much to him personally and to the local outdoor community. Real is currently the “CSM” president and with a team of volunteers helped guide the event through the pandemic years.

About the Canadian Ski Marathon:

The Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM) is North America’s oldest XC cross country ski event. It has been held the 2nd weekend of February since 1967 and takes place in the beautiful Outaouais region of Quebec, centered in Montebello. Skiers of all ages and abilities can register for a variety of categories allowing them to ski 1 to 5 sections ranging from 12 to 25 km each day on classic groomed trails through a breathtaking winter landscape. This 160 km linear trail is unique and is only used once each year in its entirety! The CSM is not a timed race, but a personal ski adventure set in some of Canada’s most picturesque countryside. No matter the challenge you set for yourself, you are sure to find a friendly smile, or words of encouragement on the trail, as well as a warm mug of honey water, and supportive volunteers at the next checkpoint. There is something for everyone at the CSM!

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