Aug 10 - 2021

Rebroadcast – Graham Crawford Explains How Can Change Hamilton- Part 1

The 905er

About the Episode

[First broadcast June 8th 2021]

This episode was recorded before the hate-fuelled killing of a four members of Muslim family in London, Ontario. We added a short pre-amble in light of that horrific event.

Our guest this week is Graham Crawford, one of the leads and spokespeople of, which was launched two weeks ago. In two short weeks, has provoked a wave of positive support from many Hamiltonians, and a storm of angry reaction from some of the city’s political grandees. It has already been described as a leftist takeover by university elites, and for being unfairly hostile to delicate incumbent councillors who just want everybody to be positive.

You can listen to part 2 of this interview here

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Special Thanks

Sound editing: Nicholas Paul

Intro/Outro music: The Stereophonics

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