Dec 6 - 2023

Squid Game, Ozempic, Muse On The Mic

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

OOOOHHH. We’re done with heavy shit for the day, so we’re now into the brainless portion of the pod.

Squid Game the Reality Show:

Dean thinks it sucks and pulled the chute after the first three episodes. All the fake action stresses out Lochlin, and she needs to watch it with one eye closed.

Lochlin is scared of high drama, and Dean can’t stand fake drama, so listening to these two meatheads talk about a fake Squid Game show was a battle. One thing they agree on? The phony show needed actual death.

There’s a shortage of Ozempic, a diabetes drug that helps with weight loss, because SOME of us are using it just for weight loss, so poor diabetics are getting the shaft.

We talk about the Ozempic advantage for rich people and overweight people who’d rather drug themselves than exercise and eat better. LOTS of you have weighed in on it. While we didn’t shame people or doctors for prescribing Ozempic to fat/lazy people, we indeed asked some questions that might sound like we did, which we didn’t. I don’t think.

Emily from Muse on The Mic joins us for her monthly visit; she loves men. She tells us how much she loves men and why, as well as some fantastic events at Muse Massage Spa – Canada’s NUMBER 1 (licensed) body rub establishment.


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