Jul 19 - 2022

Stephen Bierbrier – Community Fitness Leader

About the Episode

Stephen Bierbrier is a community fitness & wellness jedi. A government lawyer, father of 3 teenagers and Brooks Running ambassador, Stephen has carved out a whole lot of personal happiness over the last 8 years by giving back to the Ottawa-Gatineau community by creating free outdoor events and showcasing them too on his Ottawa Free Fitness platforms.

Though Stephen is most proud of his children, his 4th child – the free fitness stuff – is definitely high up there. You can find him outdoors every month helping lead the Arboretum Hill Club (Friday 6:29am), Mill Street Milers (Run Hoppy!), Sunrise Trails (rise and shine) and Happiness Habits 613 Mindfulness Hikes (nature rocks).

In between all of this, Stephen can be found trail running in Gatineau Park and the NCC Greenbelt.

We talked about:

1) How to be a leader in community fitness and inspire others.

2) The most rewarding part of seeing others get outdoors and form connections.

3) How you can start a club in your community.


Ottawa Free Fitness Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ottfreefit/?hl=en

Ottawa Free Fitness Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ottfreefit

Stephen’s personal Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bytownboy/?hl=en

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