Jan 31 - 2023

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True North Eager Beaver

About the Episode

Hey Kits!

It’s a new year, and our Not Quite Daily Beaver Morning Show is on its way to becoming Quite Daily indeed!

Soon, Monday through Friday, we have a (sometimes quick) daily take on the news, in addition to our usual formats.

On today’s episode, we talk the womp-womp-ish first anniversary of Loudmouthapalooza; the importance of trades; the CPC’s Scott Aitchison becoming a disappointment; the start of The Arctic Winter Games; the PM goes to Québec City for the National Day of Remembrance and Action Against Islamophobia; the passing of Hazel McCallion; the upcoming decriminalization of possession of small amounts of drugs in British Columbia; the death of Viola Léger (aka La Sagouine); a potentially delayed next COVID booster, and; we talk of Canadians Who Make Us Proud.

Our morning show is the purrr-fect thing for busy Kits who are on-the-go, but still want to stay engaged.

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This is episode 46 of our Eager Beaver morning show.


Not everyone can do everything. But everyone can do something.

Because democracy is something you do…

Take a personal day and find something about which to laugh your butt off.


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Until next time, be kind to, and gentle with, yourselves,

Your Eager Beaver


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Artwork credit: Peter Jarvis

[Recording Date: January 30, 2023]

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