Mar 11 - 2024

Stoic Series: Donald J Robertson Author of “Marcus Aurelius Stoic Emperor” Part 1

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Donald J. Robertson, cognitive-behavioural therapist, and author of Stoicism books, including How to Think Like a Roman Emperor. Ancient philosophy and modern psychology can be used in self-help because it’s the root of CBT and real self help. 

His Latest book, a look at Marcus adaptation of Stoic teachings and the need for the philosophy of discipline and response in his life. It’s the best look at the historical reasoning behind Stoic philosophy and it’s most famous influencer. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who’s journal “Meditations” becomes a life handbook 2000 years later.

Donald comes to us from Quebec today.

  • Can an anglophone survive in Quebec without knowing French?
  • The need for a book like Marcus The Stoic Emperor and backstory of Hadrian’s influence on Marcus and his seemingly life or death need to employ the virtues and values of Stoicism at a VERY young age
  • The Role Marcus’s mother had in his life
  • Marcus’s resentment of Hadrian’s lifestyle and the parallels of Hadrian’s autocratic paranoid rule that compare with present day political autocracy
  • How Hadrian’s example truly forced Marcus into being a man of good character who employed discipline and forgiveness
  • How Hadrian’s sexual perversion became abhorrent to Marcus and Antoninus who engaged in ending a common practice of pedophelia and treating women as slaves.
  • How progressive Marcus became as a result of Hadrian’s political and personal pervesion and employed Stoic Philosophy as Self Help.
  • We talk about self help bullshit artists and the old school propaganda of sophistry. 
  • This is where Donald Starts going off on fake Self Help assholes like Jordan Peterson who blame everyone else for their misery. 
  • Jordan Peterson is the biggest bullshit self help con artist of the 21st century and Donald goes over the sign posts of fake help Guru’s and absolutely eviscerates Peterson’s book and life works with nothing but common sense and some inside Psychology comments from other professionals about how much a fucking con artist Peterson is
  • Political rhetoric has no business in self help and Donald tells you what to stay away from. 
  • Staying away from prejudice and fear porn, don’t give them attention and don’t allow them to play of your fear and weakness. 
  • 3 main categories of negative emotion and how fake self help gurus trigger it and need it for their power.
  • If a self help guru like Jordan Peterson tells you to blame other people instead of yourself for your unhappiness, run

Part 2 will come out tomorrow.

 More on fake help help gurus and how you can’t get better without doing the work. The role Anger plays in identifying wellness and the keys to real self help. Not blaming others

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