Mar 12 - 2024

Stoic Series: Donald J Robertson Author of “Marcus Aurelius Stoic Emperor” Part 2

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

His Latest book, a look at Marcus adaptation of Stoic teachings and the need for the philosophy of discipline and response in his life. It’s the best look at the historical reasoning behind Stoic philosophy and it’s most famous influencer. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who’s journal “Meditations” becomes a life handbook 2000 years later.

Part 2 (hour 2) of my conversation with Cognitive Behavioural Therapist/Historian/Stoic Author Donald J Robertson goes from Marcus Aurelius and CBT roots to the pretenders and self help/psychological hacks like Jordan Peterson and the frequently mocked heroin/coke head Sigmund Freud. 

  • Any one selling wellness hacks that force you to point at others or verge into political/cultural opinions is full of shit.
  • Confused about what expert to believe? Starting point for following self help gurus? Is THIS GUY (Jordan Peterson) cited by anyone in psychology as a professional? 
  • Donald has never met a single person who regards Jordan Peterson as a self help/psychological expert.
  • The things Jordan Peterson say are not rooted in clinical best practice or any practice suggested by psychologists and other clinical therapists. Like, ever. 
  • Donald breaks down his his favourite Rules from Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules” identifying the ones that will get you punched in the face. 
  • Jordan Peterson’s vision and dream analysis makes Donald Laugh – find out why…
  • Good psychological advice can only come from good psychologists/therapists who are qualified to deal with your psychopathy and Jordan Peterson’s teachings are at odds with EVERYTHING modern CBT and Psychology/Stoicism. 
  • Dealing with Social Anxiety through CBT and mindfulness
  • CBT success rates dealing with anxiety, insomnia and other life limiting habits and thinking
  • How Dean used Stoicism to manage his anxiety and how it helps him manage his emotional reaction to the world
  • What do emotional negative reactions from Self Help Guru’s like Jordan Peterson tell you about them?
  • Real self help is a way of life and prevention through cognitive behaviour and healthy habits is the Holy Grail
  • How to find perspective to feel gratitude to be alive 
  • Donald ends Part 2 by telling the Freud victim story – and why Freud was the original Jordan Peterson – only cooked on Heroin and Drugs…

I loved Part 2. Donald walking us all through how to spot a pretender in the self help space and why there’s no better measuring stick of real self help than peer reviewed modern psychology and the work that goes in to undoing the work of Charlatans. 

Join us tomorrow for Part 3 where Donald continues to take Peterson’s Fugazi Grift to the woodshed and we dig into why Stoicism is so trendy and the “stoic pretenders.” Andrew Tate is up next…

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