Mar 13 - 2024

Stoic Series: Stoic Author, Research and CBT Expert Donald Robertson Part 3

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome back to part three of the Donald J Robertson interview.

We interviewed the famed, stoic author and cognitive behavioural therapist Robertson about his new book, Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic Emperor Robertson about his new book, Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic Emperor.

Part one in part two talked about in the necessity of Marcus Aurelius to truly help himself with stoic philosophy and ancient text that parallels today need for cognitive behavioural therapy and stoic c culture

We pick up where we left off from part two making fun of Sigmund Freud And how much of a psychopath he was, and how most of modern psychology has moved away from the glitz and glam, and the pure idiocy of what Freud thought to be an epidemic of Oedipus complexes (the dude was always on Heroin.

Freud was kind of the first Jordan Peterson, Donald waxes through that and the idea is back and lives among the grifter community.

Day modern day, sophists Are guys like Jordan Peterson people paid to slogan their way into your wallet.

Sestry Yes an industry of making things sound prettier than they are so that you will take the side of the sofa they specifically separate specifically separate their reality and get buying from others into alternative realities that might not be good for you.

We live in an age sophistry is legitimately a cottage industry and the parallels to today’s misinformation and disinformation with smiling faces, and the promised land of eternity wrapped in politics and culture wars are incredible.

Dan talks a lot about how you can get motivated for a short period of time by sloganeering and grifters but not only do they take your mind they take your money and your left with no help from that person who promised you all the help- you’re the Mark.

How does Stoic philosophy challenge every grifting sophist selling fugazi self help?

In a world where self help is largely a scam, why do Stoics reject fancy fads for the harsh reality of life?

Because that is the business of life and the trials and tribulations of life present a choice of self mastery and discipline and and accountable lifestyle built on the pillars of values, Courage, Wisdom, temperance, justice and EXPERIENCE.

Donald gets into the practice of Stoicism as a perpetual skill building lesson to manage life’s hardest realities. Trial and error. Not magic powder or reading a book about crystals and breathing.

The example Marcus Aurelius set of repetitive good decisions in response to living life on life’s terms is more important to observe today than ever before.

Get everything Donald Robertson on his substack or google Plato’s Academy today.

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