Mar 12 - 2024

Talk O’Tuesdays w/ Eric Bass – Episode Six

Spear Talk Podcast

About the Episode

Thank you for checking out Talk O’Tuesdays with Eric Bass, the bass player and producer of the platinum selling rock band, Shinedown, and John Guarnieri, the host of Spear Talk podcast. This weekly podcast came about after we recorded an episode of Spear Talk one night with Thomas Winterton (the superintendent of Skinwalker Ranch), where at the conclusion of the recording, Eric and I chatted for another 90 minutes about life and everything in between, with a lot of the time dedicated to coming up with a name for the show.

There is no agenda when it comes to Talk O’Tuesdays. We will cover a wide variety of topics to include scientific achievements, exploration, cryptozoology, UFOs, art, creativity, writing, mental health, farming, hiking, and just about everything under the sun. We hope you enjoy this weekly show and hope you get something out of it each week. 

* DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND READING TOO! We are two people just talking about life and our own personal thoughts in real time.

Don’t be afraid to be the best version of yourself.

Show is edited & produced by Fernando Menotti @nandopicks

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