Nov 2 - 2022

The Best of The Worst

About the Episode

Welcome to episode 47 of the world’s greatest university podcast, but you guys already knew that. On today’s post Halloweekend show we present to you, our Rating Scales segment for the halloween festivities, we give you our Mfers of the week, we then give our sexual and emotional advice in our Love Language segment. And we’ve already given you the NAILS of the best things ever so today we present you the NAILS of the worst things ever. We will then wrap up the show with our Hair picks and our mind boggling shower thoughts of the day.

Time Stamps: (02:30) – Rating scales – (17:55) – MFers of the week – (25:59) – Love language – (30:15) – NAILS of The Worst Things ever – (48:04) – Hair picks – (50:30) – Shower thought of the day

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