Aug 29 - 2021

The Breakdown – Episode 3.27 – The back to back to back to school episode.

About the Episode

Back in January, we released a boatload of information that we obtained through a FOIA request that we submitted to try and find out how a company owned by a donor to Adriana Lagrange got awarded a major contact for mask for schools.

That FOIA triggered an investigation by the Ethics Commissioner, the results of which were released on August 18th.

While many media outlets reported that Lagrange had been “cleared” in their headlines, that wasn’t at all accurate.

So to start this episode, we break down what the ethics commissioner found, what her recommendations mean and how badly the system appears to have been abused.

We also were able to have a conversation with Claire Theaker-Brown, the founder of Unbelts (one of the original companies identified by the government as potentially able to fill the mask order) to get a bit of extra perspective as well as to find out what everyone can do to help get more masks to teachers and students across the province.

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