Jun 18 - 2021

The Dean Blundell Show With Michael Geist, James DiFiore, Jeff Woods, Lochlin Cross & Mike Bullard

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

On the 475th episode of the Dean Blundell Show Dean welcomes out featured guest Canadian academic, the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-Commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Michael Geist. 

Michael discusses the updates on Bill C10 and how there is a very good chance it won’t get passed. 

After Michael leaves the boys piggyback on this subject and discuss the CRTC, big media being scared of the independent content creator, cancel culture and how stupid it is to try and regulate the internet.

We also touch on:

27 years in OJ Simpsons Bronco chase

Dean finds a new replacement for the Leafs goal song

Shirtless Mike Bullard also shows up and gives us an update on the book 

Watch:  https://youtu.be/eeJvSAxnJCI

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